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This short video provides an overview of OneTeam features and benefits for your Business Development Team. This video does not require an email registration.
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Video Transcript

Winning government business is hard, but it doesn't have to be painful.

Let's take a quick look at just a few of the many ways that OneTeam can help you qualify, capture, and bid the right opportunities, without more resources.


Powerful Pipeline Management

Powerful Pipeline Management built specifically for government contractors. So, the days of tracking leads in spreadsheets are gone. Instead, import opportunities from GovWin and customize pipeline views to see your data the way you want to see it.

With OneTeam the information you need is only a few clicks away. Everyone on your team stays up-to-date with robust notifications and messaging. No more waiting to receive a copy of your latest meeting notes,  and you can seamlessly integrate your contracts department for NDAs and Teaming Agreements.

Your entire business development team can work together and use real-time data to make better and more informed decisions for your company's future.


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Easy Teaming and Data Calls

OneTeam provides powerful search capabilities that combine t SAM and FPDS in a straightforward user experience.

Find the right teaming partners with advanced filters and see an overview of prime contracts when you find a suitable match. Send out teaming invitations and ask potential teammates to complete a customized dynamic capability matrix.

OneTeam compiles the results from potential subs automatically – so you're not stuck laboriously merging multiple excel files.

Furthermore, play what-if scenarios to find the right mix of experience and past performance to build your winning team. Subs complete data calls online after receiving an automated notification so company sensitive information is protected.


Streamlines Proposal Writing and Color Team Reviews

Build your proposal outline in OneTeam and map your RFP Requirements and capture strategies to create an automated Compliance Matrix. OneTeam automatically generates writer packages for each proposal volume, as you assign writers, reviewers, and book bosses.

Our custom add-in for Microsoft Word easily allows writers to view the proposal outline, RFP requirement, and required terms for each of their assigned sections, alongside their fully referenced outline, making cumbersome annotated outlines a thing of the past. When writers have completed a requirement, they simply check it off.  And Proposal Managers track their progress in real-time.

When it's time for a review, OneTeam merges multiple completed writer packages into a single draft document. Your reviewers assign ratings and make comments in a single collaborative environment.

Once the review is complete, you have access to a summary of the review ratings and can even split the review document into new revised writer packages, that include reviewer edits, comments, and ratings.

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