Is Your Pipeline Big Enough?



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Date & Time: On-Demand



Host & Speaker

Glenn Meyer

Glenn Meyer

Founder & CEO


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Join OneTeam’s Glenn Meyer for this informative webinar showing how the right analytics solution helps you make data-driven decisions for revenue forecasting and planning. In this webinar, he gives an overview of the new Analytics Module added to OneTeam’s Pipeline, Capture, and Proposal Management Solution to show how you can use the new software module to increase your revenue and improve resource management.


If you are thinking about adding tools to manage your government proposal pipeline, you are likely looking to streamline your company’s tracking and bidding approach, improve communication, and increase efficiency. But having the ability to understand what your data means in detail is a game-changer, especially when it comes to forecasting and planning. In this webinar, CEO Glenn Meyer walks you through the new OneTeam Analytics Module, and how it will improve the way you do business.

Learning Objectives

During this webinar, participants will discover how to:

  • Use more detailed data to improve decision making
  • Expand your forecasting ability with snapshots of upcoming opportunities
  • Develop and utilize company-specific filters
  • Build custom reports suitable for your team’s unique needs
  • Develop a clear revenue stream with short- and long-term opportunity details
  • Forecast your company’s revenue stream based on solid data

Program Content

Throughout the webinar, Glenn will showcase the following advantages of the new Analytics Module, including:

  • Using a sample report to demonstrate the detailed data available 
  • Discover how you can assign resources to specific opportunities
  • Additional filtering which allows a variety of opportunity and proposal views
  • Expansive forecasting of information allowing for better planning
  • How to utilize and build standard and custom reports
  • Plan for future proposals and opportunities while seeing upcoming revenue in the works


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